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Advice for Clients

Here are 10 of our top tips for studios whether you’re considering recruitment for the first time or you’re an old hand looking for a refresher.

The right time to hire? 

Be tough with this one, you’re about to increase costs and it’s a big decision. Why do you need this person? Where will they fit into the team? What’s the impact if you don’t hire? Can you commit the time to the recruitment process itself and then to the newbie? Sit back, take stock - and if you want a sounding board, we’re here to listen.

Shaping your job spec

Think about which skills could be trained, for a capable person to pick up. Consider how long you’ll need the skills for– if the work might run out, would a non-permanent hire be a better way to go? A handy idea is to think about what you’d expect your new hire to achieve in their first three months with you - include responsibilities that come with the role and what areas they will oversee etc. 

Staying flexible

Sometimes you don’t know exactly what you want until you start seeing CVs or talking to people. It’s ok to evolve your spec a little along the way. Your spec is the roadmap for direction, but being flexible is part of the journey. A good agency will provide you with advice so keep communication lines open and share your thoughts with us so we can support you in finding the right solution.

Check out your team

The perfect candidate could be right under your nose. Recruiting for people with less experience can be a faster process, so if you have someone internally who is ready to step up, consider them for your role and then hire their replacement. Everyone’s happy.

Who else do you and your team know?

It makes sense to talk to people you already know in your network who might have the skills you want. Do tread carefully though - talking salary, hours and the idea of reviewing their performance can change your relationship, so can rejecting them after an interview... so think carefully about who you approach and when you approach them.

Spread the word

Your website, newsletters and social media are great ways to get the word out to your networks that you’re hiring. Every applicant needs a response even if they aren’t what you’re looking for, so make sure someone has time to manage the applications. It can be damaging to your brand if candidates hear nothing, you don’t want a bad rep as they could all be customers of yours too so treat them well.

Look your best

Great people are in demand and they have a choice so it’s good to consider how to present your studio as the place to be. Think about what you offer as a studio and an employer. Consider your environment, the talent in your team, culture, projects, IP, salary, holidays, benefits, location, brand, career progression – leave no stone unturned! Then show it off at interview! The candidate impressing you is only half the story – it’s a two way street so do what you need to do to make sure they want to join your team.

It’s time for an agency

The best candidates with in-demand skills are often hidden from the market. Over 70% of candidates placed weren’t considering a move when they were approached with a new career opportunity, so might not find the people with the skills you need through advertising alone.

Partner up

You may feel tempted to get everyone on the hunt for your perfect candidate, but using too many agencies can be counter-productive. We believe that a candidate should feel there is something special about your role, which won’t happen if it’s the third call that day! Imagine what would you think if you kept hearing about the same job from every man and his dog? Using an agency exclusively means candidates are handpicked to receive the call. Now that’s making them feel special.

Get Engaged

We’ve attracted the best of the best; it’s over to you to keep the ball rolling, to invest your time in reviewing the CVs and meeting great talent. Be responsive and have energy all the way through to getting someone on board, don’t risk losing great candidates by leaving them waiting. Once they’re hired, protect your investment and plan a great induction for your newbie – congrats to you both!

If you’re ready to look at your recruitment in a different way we’d love to hear from you. Just give us a call on 01925 839701 or email for a conversation about what you need and how we can get this show on the road!