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Network match

Hiring in a hurry? If you need a fast access to the candidate market we’ll match your requirements to the great people we’re talking to right now. Our first responder service, providing you with access to talent who are likely to be considering something new. You’ll get to know lots about the candidate, they’ll have the skills you’re looking for and they will know all about your role and company from our intro and screening. Have a chat with one of the team and let’s get the ball rolling for you.

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Amiqus partner with you exclusively for an agreed period of time to deliver a high-quality award-winning recruitment service. You really do only need to call one agency (that’s us by the way).

When you’re working exclusively with Amiqus, we guarantee to allocate resource and schedule-in dedicated proactive recruitment activity to fill your roles. We do all the outreach work on your behalf, advertising and response handling, positively promoting your brand. Those hidden-gem candidates who have not applied are approached and attracted to the role by our highly-skilled consultants. Everyone has a consistent and positive experience. To learn more about why exclusivity gives you more, not less choice of the market, reach out to one of our trained Consultants.

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Engagement plus

Have a read of Exclusive because you get all that here and a whole lot more. With Engagement Plus, Amiqus get stuck in to a thorough and detailed market search. We identify a long-list of potential candidates, which gives you amazing, unprecedented insight in to the market. Once the long-list is presented we consult directly with you. During this exciting phase, we discuss and agree on a short-list with you who you want us to attract to your studio. Now the magic happens!

Only our most experienced Consultants are entrusted to make specific approaches based exclusively on your proposition. This is sometimes known as head-hunting. When contacting the right level of games industry professional we know it’s a significant call, this is a next step in their career, potentially their dream job, life changing stuff. It takes a highly-trained and sophisticated approach. You really can trust us with this; we’ve been in the business a long time and get fantastic results. We approach your selections on behalf of your studio with a guaranteed interview. This is very powerful; your chosen candidates feel super special, which of course they are. Get in touch to receive a full Consultation and assessment of how E+ can work for you.

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Retained search project

Where you have strategic-level needs Amiqus can provide a dedicated, guaranteed solution to hand-pick elite candidates for your most uniquely challenging business-critical roles. In our 15 years we have never failed to deliver successfully on a Retained Project.

Amiqus are engaged as the sole agency supplier right at the off, providing one of our most senior and experienced consultants within the business as a single resource dedicated to your Project through to successful placement of the hire. This is the highest level of commitment we can give.

A target start date is agreed and the whole Project, commercials and dependencies are documented and signed by both parties.

There are set phases to the Project and the payment structure is staged at key milestones. This fixed-cost, time-bound model has many benefits which we’d be happy to talk through with you.

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