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Blog: Training talk - Team Amiqus run for Special Effect


We caught up with the team who are training for the Great Manchester Run for Special effect

How is the half marathon training going? 

Lee: Good, my 12 week plan kicks in soon and I’m getting faster every week
Alan: It was going okay but I pulled my calf so I've been focusing on more Crossfit but am back running now
Will: Great, it’s actually given me something to ‘get up’ for. I’ve lost half a stone already and a new suit I bought no longer fits without a belt.
Liam: Certainly better than I thought it would!

What’s the hardest thing about it so far? 

Lee:  Sore legs without a doubt, still takes time to recover but that is also getting easier.
Alan: Being injured so early on was frustrating, aside from that it's been good. Oh and motivating Lee Burns has been tricky... ;)
Will: The training as a whole! I’m trying to improve by listening to people’s past experiences. The hardest part is pushing yourself to do more than you’re used to. 
Liam: Normally I go out on a run around 2-3 times a week so it’s been tricky getting into a routine of doing it more often.

What are you finding easier than expected? 

Lee: Actually getting out there to run. I thought it would be hard to physically motivate myself to get out during the week but actually that’s proved easier than expected. 
Alan: As a cyclist I usually dread running, but I’ve actually quite enjoyed it so far.
Will: I’m a runner historically so for me it was all about running the ‘rust off’. Thanks to Strava I’ve learned I’m beating my PB on each run 
Liam: I’m getting quicker which is nice, I’m not at the 10 minute mile just yet but I’m getting there plus I don’t ache as much afterwards

What impact is the training having on you overall? 

Lee: Down a belt size which is a bonus.
Alan: It's a good supplement to my other training, I'm finding my 'engine' is getting slightly better. 
Will: Weight loss plus I feel fitter. I go boxing too and I feel like I have an extra ‘oompf’ in my training.
Liam: Yep, it’s definitely impacting the waistline in a positive way!

How are you using Special Effect as a motivator? 

Lee: Having committed to raise money for the awesome work the guys do it makes it so much easier to get out there and train. Don’t want to let them or the rest of the Amiqus team down.
Alan: The FB posts of what these guys do really motivates me, seeing the impact their work has is really impressive and I want to help continue that work in whatever way I can.
Will: I’m thinking of the hard work the people do and how much donations make a difference. For me every-time I train I’m working towards their end goal as well.
Liam: Gaming is a massive part of what I enjoy and something I feel everything should be able to do. Special Effect give everyone the opportunity to play and that’s pretty inspiring.

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