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Lee's Blog: Half Marathon Training week 2


I don't often post on social media and when I do it's very rarely serious so on the rare occasion I do, like now, I hope you have the chance to read.

For those who know me well the thought of me running or doing anything mildly resembling physical exercise is up there with pigs flying. The idea of me running a half marathon in a matter of months is frankly ridiculous but that is what I and a few of my colleagues at Amiqus have volunteered to do on behalf of the charity SpecialEffect. In short they do awesome work every day to put fun and inclusion back in to the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them play video games, check out their website 

I have already started my “training” and it’s safe to say I’m in a world of pain but have been reliably informed by self-appointed head coach Alan Dixon that this is normal and I should “Man up.” Don’t worry I am not going to be posting daily running updates or anything like that, maybe “what part of me hurts this week” updates if there is demand.

I’ve decided to take myself out of my comfort zone, or couch as I like to call it, and do something that will probably break me to help a bunch of people I think do great things by raising money on their behalf. I hope enough of you think that’s worth a few quid if only to watch me suffer, I know some of you will mainly donate for that reason, and that’s cool… it all goes to a good cause :-)

Amiqus Alan has set up a just giving page here, and I would be very grateful to anyone who can donate, share and like. Please spread the word and help us raise as much as possible for SpecialEffect.

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Great work Lee, kudos to you - keep going!
Meg, 27 January 2017
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