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Team Amiqus Half Marathon for Special Effect - this weekend!


This Sunday will see the Great Run take over the streets of Manchester

The Team Amiqus Half-Marathon heroes are looking forward to the big day. To sponsor even just a few pounds and support the amazing work that Special Effect do check out the Just Giving Link here.

Here's the final round up from the guys ahead of the race:


"I’ve not been able to stick to my training plan as solidly as I would have liked due to little niggles here and there mainly my legs have decided they were not going to play along.

In training I’ve managed just over 10 miles in one run and felt ok afterwards which I am happy with. Probably most importantly is the fact that I feel like I’ve found my steady pace now at which I can truck along at which is around the 10 mins a mile so if I can stick to that on the day I feel like I’ll be ok. Is a McDonalds double sausage and egg McGuffin a valid pre-race breakfast option?

I am most nervous about needing the toilet whilst stood in that holding pen.. but I'm genuinely looking forwards to the occasion of it all and of course the trip to the bar afterwards."


 "Training has gone pretty well, I've enjoyed doing more running than normal and I recently beat my 1KM PB so I am pleased with that. I did leave it a bit late though and I'm not sure I've done enough to get the time I'd like! 

This week I'll just keep the legs moving but nothing to intense. I'll make sure I have my trusty porridge, banana and coffee and I'll be fine.

I'm really looking forward to the nervous excitement of race day, then of course having a pint whilst wearing my medal!"


"I’m really ready for it now! Slight nerves are kicking in leading up to it but I think I’m just going to enjoy the run. I’ve definitely prepared for it and I’m so pleased as it how many body feels too, I’ve cut out some nasties along the way in prep for the training, such as drinking and sweeties. I’m just going to wonder what I’m going to do when it finishes, I’ll need something new to obsess over! 

I’ve been researching the best times to ‘carb up’ for the race, I’ve made some cardinal sins of not eating the right things and feeling awful during a run. The team've been testing out some energy sweets to give us a ’boost’ midway through.

The last run I did through a city was 2010 (Mersey Tunnel Run) and it was brilliant with members of the public spurring you on, it certainly takes you to that next level. 

My goal is probably just finishing the race at the moment, I’ve had a troublesome ankle these last few weeks and I’d hate it if that prevented me from finishing. Fingers crossed!" 


"I feel ok ahead of the race, done some good running (wish I’d done more!) but my long runs are relatively easy so yeah feeling good!

I'm nervous though, it’s the longest race I have done so far so my main goal is just to get round in one piece. Having said that, it’s a real challenge so I’m certain it’ll be worth it - a good mix of nerves and excitement really. Early start so porridge and banana to keep me going and then I think I’m getting a lift with Al, so last minute running prep when we arrive and then time to focus.

I'm looking forward to the big race atmosphere, I ran the 10K in Manchester last year and there is nothing quite like it. It’s a real carnival feel and you get a real boost from the crowds as you run round"


Remember guys if it's not on Strava, it didn't happen - Good Luck!!


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