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If you’re looking to make a new permanent hire but haven’t used an agency before, let us take you through it.

First of all we need to get to know you and understand all about your studio, your game and what’s important to you. Forgive us for asking lots of questions but we need to get this right! You’ll have a dedicated consultant to work closely with you and build the relationship so that things go smoothly, no matter the challenge.

Once we’ve agreed terms with you then we move on to your role; where it fits, what your budget is, what you want and what you need. At this point we will chat directly with the hirer, giving lots of market guidance - we want you to get the benefit of the expertise your consultant has.

We go to market to find you a choice of candidates, managing the process through feedback, arranging interviews, co-ordinating any tests and negotiating offers, balancing the needs of both parties so that everyone’s happy. We have lots of experience at this and we’re honest with you about what we believe you will need to do to secure the candidate you want. We’ll also talk through the impact of the market features on your recruitment, helping you define hiring solutions to address the needs of your business.

There is no cost to our service unless we are successful. Once the right candidate has accepted your role we will invoice you a percentage of the salary. For peace of mind we always provide guarantees in the form of a rebate structure, but it is rare these are needed.

If you’d like a bit more detail on what we can do for your studio, please give us a call and we’ll get right on it.