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Amiqus Me Anything - What are the biggest opportunities of 2018


We ask industry movers and shakers...What will be the biggest opportunities of 2018?

“With the success of the Switch and initiatives like PlayLink from Sony we’ll see audiences broaden with innovative ideas and the return of a few family favourites. People with experience in this field will find they have a surprising edge. At Kuju we continue rebuilding the studio with major news to announce in early 2018. Expanding whole teams across disciplines means welcoming many new faces to join our fantastic core team, particularly in Production and Code”. 

Brynley Gibson, Head of Studios, Curve Digital Entertainment 


“Virtual Reality will continue to grow throughout 2018 and we expect the biggest job opportunities to be in this area (of course!). We see constant demand for roles such as VFX, UI, Network and Graphics Programming because of the emerging technical challenges VR brings to development. As nDreams continues to grow we are always on the look-out for talented people!”  

Tamsin O'Luanaigh, Co Sec & Talent Director, nDreams 


“Big investment will continue into the teams behind digital distribution and monetization, hiring at all levels and from varied skills areas such as marketing, analytics, balancing and technical operations. 4k gaming (PS4 pro and Xbox1 X ) provides opportunity for talented Artists and Tech Artists who can bring graphical hyper-realism to life - anyone with skills in photo realistic artwork will be in high demand”   

 Stig Strand Head of Recruitment Teams, Amiqus 



“Games engineering as a service is a massive growth area so at d3t we’re recruiting heavily. Many AAA studios are leveraging off-the-shelf game engines like Unity and Unreal. Skills for using these engines are really useful, but there’s a definite skill-gap in understanding how to optimize these engines and get the most bang for your buck. Additionally, Nintendo Switch has really gathered momentum so I predict a lot of opportunities in these areas for engineers with the right skills.” 

Andy Booth, Technical Director, d3t 

“At Outplay growing our marketing team with talented artists, player support specialists and data-driven UA and CRM Managers who focus on user experience will be key. They will collaborate further with Production so we can shift into a games as a service mentality”.  

Emma Purvey, HR Manager, Outplay Entertainment 


“The scale of AAA games continues to grow, especially with the emergence of the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro platforms.  This will bring opportunities in every speciality of game development as teams expand in order to meet the emerging requirements. eSports is a new frontier, bringing fresh specialist positions.  There will also always be a demand for specialist programmers – Codemasters are continually looking for candidates with skills in Physics, AI and Graphics”. 
Ian Flatt, Executive Producer, Codemasters 

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