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Amiqus sponsor the 100 most influential people in the British Games Industry


Amiqus are delighted to sponsor this prestigious celebration from of the wonderful talent based right here in the UK.


Business Manager Liz Prince gave the following message:-

"We're so excited and honoured to have the opportunity to support this inspirational initiative. Our place in the industry is about growth, helping to build teams and presenting opportunities to people that help them to realise their aspirations. The 100 people being recognised here are the epitome of these ambitions.

The 100 includes people who have truly achieved success at every level and across all disciplines. As recruiters we're lucky to work closely with some of the industry's finest talent as they move through their careers, and we know that they put themselves out there and face the times of uncertainty and doubt – no-one is guaranteed success. I'm sure they would all want to acknowledge that teamwork has been central to their achievements, and by spotlighting their success this honour is shared by the teams of talented people who work alongside them.

The cycle of fostering talent, acknowledging and publicly recognising success creates the inspiration, aspiration and momentum to keep the cycle spinning time and time again. At Amiqus we're working hard to make sure that the next top 100 are just as excited to join in and the industry can keep growing beyond our dreams".

Liz Prince, Business Manager, Amiqus

The full list of can be found here
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