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Caretaker is finally on Steam Greenlight!

Posted by: Liz Prince
Here are the Caretaker facts:-

Caretaker is a sci-fi adventure unlike any other game you've played. It's set inside a totally alien structure so forget what you think you know - nothing will be familiar to you.

Caretaker is narrated by David Hewlett. David is an amazing actor and is best known for playing the role of Dr Rodney McKay in Stargate Atlantis. His voice work in Caretaker is phenomenal.

Caretaker is an exploration game. The alien structure you are in is massive and split across many levels. You'll have to find your way around and explore all corners in order to achieve your primary objective.

Caretaker is a sci-fi puzzle where the environment presents you with challenges, not only in how to progress but also in how to survive.

Caretaker is a stealth game. You do have the capability to destroy things that could harm you but it comes at a great cost. You'll have to learn how to get around without being detected and killed.

Caretaker is a story. It’s all about revenge and losing the people you love and what you would do. The story to Caretaker came first and the game second. The story unwinds across Caretaker's many levels but the choice is up to you to follow it or not - it's completely optional.

Caretaker is a VR game. If you’re lucky enough to own an Oculus Rift then you can play Caretaker in VR and be prepared to experience something new. If you’re not yet lucky enough to own an Oculus Rift – don’t worry; Caretaker can be played without VR.

Check out the trailer below and vote here!

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