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Event recap: EGX

Posted by: Lee Burns


Another EGX has been and gone, and this one has given us plenty to talk about. Check out the top 10 games here. Unsurprisingly, virtual reality was on everyone’s lips (and indeed in their eyes) as the four-day event took over Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre.-

VR is hotter than ever

As EGX is predominantly a consumer show and the majority of attendees are players, it provides a real-world overview of what people are getting excited about in games and a bigger picture of what’s happening in the industry right now. The biggest buzzword in games is still Virtual Reality (VR). It’s crunch time for VR as some significant headsets are coming to market in the next few months and consumers are getting really excited about this new take on games. There’s obviously a huge amount of investment happening in this market currently and we can’t wait to see how it plays out. PlayStation VR has certainly made an impact as one of the first realistically-priced mainstream headsets to hit the market. However, there’s no real ‘killer’ VR app out there just yet which will make people go out and buy the headset - but it’s only a matter of time so watch this space!

Indie on top

This year’s EGX was the biggest ever but that doesn’t mean it was dominated by the major AAA studios. Indie and mid-size developers were positioned right by the entrance, so all attendees were exposed to these smaller houses. There were plenty of interesting games and products on display here, from Splendy Interactive’s ‘The Bunker’ through to ‘Little Nightmares’ from Tarsier Studios. It was particularly interesting to see some of the smaller stands with crowds of hundreds crowded around them - you can always tell when a game or piece of tech is going to be big at these kinds of events! We always love catching up with indie studios as we not only get to see what amazing new games they’re bringing to market but we often get to speak directly to the developers who are working on them. We find out about new challenges the industry is facing and how we can help to provide resourcing solutions further down the track. If several developers mention a particular skill set or role they need in their team, we know where we need to focus to make sure we’re ready and also to give grads the heads up about what skills are most likely to land them their first job. It’s also brilliant for us to get face-to-face with our clients and friends, especially within such a great atmosphere. Most of all, we love any opportunity to be around games and interact with others in the industry, so it was another successful event for us!

If you love games as much as we do and want to find out more about your next step in the industry, get in touch with us here and let’s have a chat.

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