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Farland Valley Beach

Posted by: Stig Strand

Us gamers are always in awe of the levels of creativity found in the games industry. These talents often extend in to many strands of media and one such example is the latest release from James Cox. Previously he has been Studio Director at Konami, specialising in building and leading teams of expert game developers. He has an enviable track record of success with AAA game development for console, mobile and PC including one of my personal favourites, Pro Evolution Soccer.

In his own time however James has a charming and imaginative joint-venture with his young daughter Niamh, aged just 9. The personal ethos James brings to the industry of "encouraging hard work, new ideas, an enjoyable environment, and good work-life balance" is beautifully demonstrated by their latest release, Farland Valley.

Introduction to the author reads;- "Farland Valley was dreamt up by Niamh and dad James on their way to the shops, as they walked through the pathways in their village in England. Niamh goes to school and loves to draw. Her Dad makes video games and likes to write. In their spare time they enjoy using their imagination to create new adventures in Farland Valley". 

"We're enjoying writing the next book and making a game too" says James, "we really look forward to releasing more of Farland Valley when it's ready".

For now head on over to Amazon here and browse through this lovely collection. You and the kids can join Emma and James on their adventures as they help new friends and meet more amazing creatures beyond the imagination. We look forward to the game too.


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