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Indies - Punch above your weight when hiring

Posted by: Liz Prince

Are you recruiting for a small or indie studio?

Are you wanting the best talent, but you're not a household name? Perhaps you’ve already brought on board the great people that you know from your network and your business needs that next key hire. You’re competing with the big guns, so how do you level the playing field?

We all agree that you can’t be all things to all people and you can’t attract everyone. The good news is that your recruitment brand can help you punch above your weight in the games candidate market. Here’s how.

As a small business you have a lot to offer. You are in control, you can offer candidates a position of influence within the organisation and they can be part of the journey shaping the future. You can decide on what approach to take to your development lifecycle, crunch or no crunch? Candidates are looking for a choice now; those who don’t want the more corporate lifestyle are naturally attracted to you. So you’ve got a great proposition, what next?

Having a clear idea of what you’re looking for and capturing your needs in a job spec will give you the best chance of success. If you have budget for advertising, on and offline this is a great way to get your brand our there to potential candidates, let them know what you’re working on and that you’re hiring. Don’t worry if this isn’t something you can afford right now however. Social media is a great leveller, if you post great content people will follow and your brand will grow. Candidates from networking platforms are easy to reach, get your hiring on line and attract them to your team. Don’t forget your website, it’s the first place that people go to look at what you have to offer. Show why people should work for you, profile your best staff, tell candidates what you’re about.  If your network is still growing you can supplement this with expert recruitment agency support to widen the search.

The ball is rolling now and this is where a great recruitment process really helps you stand out from the crowd. Make it easy for people to get in touch with you and respond quickly - speed of response is key. You can hire great talent before a bigger company has had time to put the CV through their process. This is where size does matter. You’re agile, you decide on the hiring process, you can control the speed of your offers and the salary package you put together, there’s no back office to slow you down;  you can beat them to the punch if you’re organised and committed.

To keep up the pace, make your hiring process lean, decide on who will make the decisions and be aware that great candidates are often employed. You need to ask them to prove themselves of course, but make sure you build flexibility in to the process, try to keep the visits to a one or two at the max, but do more at each stage. Perhaps use Skype as a first step or offer dinner as a final interview;- more time off work can be a problem for the candidate and it gives you a view of them in a social setting. Don’t forget that impressing at interview is a two way street, it’s your chance to talk about your company’s successes and what the individual will gain if they work for you in the future.

 If you have advertised you may get candidate applications which don’t meet the mark. One of the pitfalls of any recruitment campaign is only contacting those who are of interest, but it’s important to respond to everyone. We understand that response handling takes time, we do recruitment 24/7 but we believe that every candidate should be valued. It’s a mistake to leave people hanging. If you give people a poor experience of your brand they will talk, tweet and blog about it, and they might just advise their talented friends not to bother to apply!

As a small or independent studio it might feel daunting to try and attract the best people for your team alongside your better known competitors. If you put yourself out there in a proactive way with a well-executed, agile recruitment process, there is no reason why your organisation cannot gain the benefit of some serious talent working together with Amiqus.

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