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Innovative 3D visualisation giants Eegeo go from strength to strength

Posted by: Liz Prince

We’ve just caught up with our friends over at Eegeo in Dundee. As a cloud-based software enterprise, Eegeo use gaming know-how married to mobile technology and big data to create beautiful, geo-spatially accurate renditions of cities, countries and continents to create a fast and fun, interactive 3D maps. Producer Piers Duplock is keen to get the word out.

“We’re excited about the next steps for the eeGeo 3D map platform: bringing our maps indoors. We’ve launched our first Interior Maps within our Recce San Francisco app and in our brand new app CXC Explore 3D, and our first customers are using our Indoor 3D Maps to deliver a better user experience in their mobile apps.”

Check out all about Eegeo’s exiting new developments here and have a look at this cool walkthrough reel:


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