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It's time: SteamWorld Heist

Posted by: Simon Pittam

Our friends over at Image and Form in Sweden have been in touch to tell us all about their latest release date for SteamWorld Heist.

SteamWorld Heist is a space adventure with turn-based tactical shootouts, where you aim in real time and perform awesome bullet-bouncing trick shots. CEO Brjann says “Howdy” to y’all and we are very excited to share this info for your gaming pleasure:-

Launch Date

SteamWorld Heist launches on Nintendo 3DS in the Americas, Europe, Australia and New Zealand on December 10 at 14:00 UTC and the equivalent. We strongly suspect it will rock everyone's socks off. (Fortunately, we're quite sure that our gamers have an abundant supply of socks.) The Japanese version will come later, as will all other platforms.

We will start sending out review codes on December 3. We'll send you a separate press release on that date. We hope a week will suffice for playing and reviewing - we believe your first playthrough will last 20-25 hours. Since the 3DS is region-locked, a quick reply from you with your preferred region (NA/EU) would help us.


The regular price point will be $19.99 / €19.99 / £14.99. Yeah, we know it's too cheap for that much game, but that's a whole other discussion. Let the simple comparison below suffice - it's objective too, since math never lies:

SteamWorld Dig costs $9.99.
SteamWorld Heist is 10 times bigger and better than Dig.
Ergo: you're getting 5 times the value.

However, since it's the holidays, we're also throwing in a launch discount as a Christmas present to the marvellous Nintendo 3DS community. From launch until December 31, the price will be $16.99 / €16.99 / £11.99. We don't expect to discount the game for a very long while after that. Yes, really.

Exclusive theme:

From launch until December 31, we’re also giving away an exclusive Nintendo 3DS Home Menu theme with every purchase of SteamWorld Heist. After that, the theme will never be available again. Like, never. Ever.

Release trailer:

The SteamWorld Heist release trailer premieres on December 8. I've seen it. It's awesome!

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