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New Game: Dead of Day now on Steam Greenlight

Posted by: Will Hudson

Welcome to a New Beginning!

Welcome to a new world order…a world not run by politicians or governments, but wandering, screaming and moaning Zombies. Zombies that will attack on sight or smell of anything human. Anyone still alive are hiding in fear, hoping they have enough food to get them through this nightmare, long enough to be rescued… but even if they are, what will be left of the world they lived in, the people they used to know. One word of advice, don't go out at night, and watch out for the Dead of Day.

What is Dead of Day?

Dead of Day is an retro styled Zombie Dungeon Crawler which has recently been added to Steam Greenlight from the team at Trebuchet Games. Here are a few feature highlights of the game:-

  • You get to pick your character, do you want to be male or female. Each has their own backstory.
  • Weapons, weapons and more weapons. Different types of weapons, not all of them good.
  • Base management and upgrades.
    Zombies, animals, raiders, all of them a potential threat to your aim of surviving the apocalypse.
  • A large varied world to search for supplies.
  • Rescue. Hey someone help them!
  • Morale and morality. People will leave your group if you don’t meet their expectations.

Check it out on Steam Greenlight here. Have a go and let us let what you think!

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