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Special Effect - Warren is back in the Fight!


We caught up with Special Effect who told us about Warren, their latest player success


"Hey guys, it's been great to be able to help Warren this month" Special Effect told us. "He’s a big fan of the Battlefield games, but his hands and fingers struggle to cope with the Xbox One controller properly because of his Motor Neurone Disease".

“Warren uses a mouse for PC access really well,” said Joe, one of our OTs. “We visited him at home and tried a Razer Naga mouse to see if it would work for gaming access too, and it was great for aiming within Battlefield One.”

“He’s got some really good movement in his left thumb for reaching and pressing the side buttons. He can hit the ones on top as well using his fingers. We used the Naga mouse software and a Titan One to get it working on his Xbox One, and a controller mounted by his chin for character movement"

Looks like Warren is already enjoying his Battlefield once again - great work team!

Amiqus are continuing to raise money for Special Effect following the Great Manchester Run so donate here to help continue their amazing work helping make games accessible for all.

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