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Star Wars - the last few hours

Posted by: Liz Prince
So this is it. We have reached the last 24 hours before the official release of Star Wars; The Force Awakens.

Like all highly anticipated game or movie releases, there is a twinkling of fairy-dust in the air. It feels like JJ Abrams is babysitting our first-born while we tentatively venture, wide-eyed and blinking in to the movie theatre. We’ve read the press releases, we’ve heard the stories, we’ve seen the trailers, we’ve even managed to avoid the spoilers (so far) so now what? My worldly-wise advice at this time? Savour this moment. By the weekend you will probably be out the other side of seeing this fantastic franchise breathe new life, and that is the very point. Come Sunday night you’ll have opinions, memories, experiences that – if it’s anything like the first movie – really will be with you forever. You can never un-see this movie just like you can never un-play a game.

If I’d have known aged 6 back in 1977 what fun Star Wars was going to give me and the kids over the years to come I’d have been a whole lot more excited. Ok we had episode 1 back in the 90’s but we knew where that was headed. This time we are on completely new ground. Here’s our chance to experience these last few hours of episode 7 innocence and I hope you are bathing in the light-sabre glow of this too.

May the force of anticipation be with you.
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