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Leon Loughran, Recruitment Ninja, AmiqusV1
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Leon Loughran

Recruitment Ninja
My bio: If I was stuck on a desert island with one game it would be… Hearthstone – if any video game would take my mind off the hunger and remoteness of being on a desert island it’s an online turn-based card game! 

Recruitment should be… Engaging, exciting and elating!

If I could go back in time to when I was 18 I would tell myself… Your ears really aren’t THAT big

The best thing about Amiqus is… The people! Colleagues, clients, candidates – Video Gaming has always been close to my heart, I feel incredibly lucky to work in it and help make positive contribution!

My favourite quote is… “Stay hungry, Stay foolish” – Steve Jobs
Gameplay Designer
  • Location: London, South UK
  • Salary: Reflects Experience
  • Permanent
Senior Games Design
  • Location: North West and Midlands
  • Salary: DOE
  • Permanent