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Ask Amiqus: What programming languages are the most attractive when hiring?
"I work with at least two different languages in my current studio, but more and more I'm feeling I would need to learn more ...
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Ask Amiqus - VR & AR
What special skills do employers look for when hiring for roles on VR projects and how risky is it to skill up in those area...
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Amiqus Me Anything - What are the biggest opportunities of 2018
Amiqus Me Anything - What are the biggest opportunities of 2018
We ask industry movers and shakers...What will be the biggest opportunities of 2018?“With the success of the Switch and...
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Ask Amiqus - How should I go about making new contacts at my first GDC?
 As the world’s largest meet-up of games industry expertise there are 27,000 attendees and 500 sessions to choose ...
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Ask Amiqus - What will games devs be playing over the holidays?
Christmas is almost upon usWith the holidays on the horizon we can all look forward to some well-deserved gameplay time. Sear...
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Amiqus at Ukie Student Conference North 2017
The Ukie Student Conference will return to Staffordshire University this year on October 25th. Now in its fourth year th...
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