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Ask Amiqus - What are the challenges in finding work abroad and how can they be overcome?
One of the best things about the games industry is that it’s truly globalProfessionals working in games therefore have ...
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It’s time to join an award-winning team in games recruitment
More than 100,000 people now work in the UK’s thriving recruitment sector, helping 634,000 candidates find new perman...
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Ask Amiqus: What do you expect to be the biggest job opportunities in 2017?
  A key expectation in 2017 is the move to 4k gaming TV is leading the tech and standards of resolution available have ...
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Ask Amiqus: As a games designer, should I make a heavily designed CV?
This question provoked a bit of discussion here at Amiqus HQLet’s have a look at what our experienced Recruiters had to...
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How to make your mark in the games industry
Digital distribution means games now have a bigger audience than ever before, and the industry is only going to get bigger....
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Stats for the creative industries sector - June 2016
Stats for the creative industries sector - June 2016
The Department of Culture, Media and Sport has released employment statistics for the creative industries sector. Here are so...
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