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Ask Amiqus: What programming languages are the most attractive when hiring?
"I work with at least two different languages in my current studio, but more and more I'm feeling I would need to learn more ...
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Ask Amiqus: What do you expect to be the biggest job opportunities in 2017?
  A key expectation in 2017 is the move to 4k gaming TV is leading the tech and standards of resolution available have ...
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Programmers - how to create a stand-out portfolio
Programmers - how to create a stand-out portfolio
Whether you’re just breaking into the industry or you’re a seasoned professional, an up-to-date coding portfolio ...
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The Big Question: Choosing the right engine and middleware
Engines and middleware: how do you choose the right tool for the job? When it comes to engines and middleware, there are s...
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Women Who Code
Why we need more women in coding It’s no secret that it can be a lonely world for women in tech industries, and that&r...
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Mantis Burn Racing arrives on Steam Early Access
We are excited to announce that our friends at VooFoo have released their new top down racing game, Mantis Burn Racing, into ...
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