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Virtual Reality

Ask Amiqus - VR & AR
What special skills do employers look for when hiring for roles on VR projects and how risky is it to skill up in those area...
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Games Industry & Recruitment - Review of 2017
2017 has been another busy & successful year at AmiqusHere are a few of my thoughts on the highlights in the industry and...
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Ask Amiqus: Will specialising in VR limit my career?
The games industry has always championed emerging technology and virtual reality is no exception. VR and games seem set to ha...
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Event recap: EGX
  Another EGX has been and gone, and this one has given us plenty to talk about. Check out the top 10 games here. Uns...
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VR - What are the possibilities?
With VR becoming a realistic option for developers, what are some of the possibilities and how can they be made a reality?In ...
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