Client Testimonials

“Amiqus have been an incredible asset to myself and DIGIT over the years. They have introduced us to some of our most senior and influential team members, and they constantly live up to their reputation of being the top recruitment agency in the industry.  When I started in the Games industry, Amiqus were constantly (and still are) an incredible source of industry knowledge and would always give a helping hand, to no benefit of their own. They care a lot about their clients, and build fantastic relationships, they are a testament to everything this industry stands for!” 

Naoise Morrin, Senior Talent Partner, DIGIT Game Studios 

“I’ve worked a lot with Amiqus over the years, from my time at big companies like Sony, to our start-up Maze Theory now. And I’ve found that, regardless of how big or small the company is, the team at Amiqus devotes the same amount of time and attention to us. As a start-up, Amiqus has found ways to help and support us in finding and growing talent. We’ve worked with a lot of recruitment companies and Amiqus really stands out in terms of ensuring they understand our games, our company and our culture.”

Russell Harding, Studio Director, Maze Theory

“Amiqus have been a trusted resource for many years in my career as a AAA art director. They have the best worldwide network of contacts and a deep understanding of the games industry that sets them apart from all other companies. Amiqus staff have a high level of professionalism and always make sure the role fits the candidate. The fact that they take the time to consult with every individual on a personal level makes them the best organization to partner with “

F. Kitson, Studio Art Director  

“I have worked with Amiqus for many years now and have found them to be an excellent, reliable and dedicated partner in my role as Creative Director at previous studios and, most recently, with our new publishing label start-up.  I have engaged with many recruitment companies but I strongly feel that Amiqus have the best worldwide network of contacts and a deep understanding of the games industry. What really sets them apart, in my opinion, is that they deeply care about each candidate. Amiqus is not just trying to close a deal, they specifically try to find the right person for the role in question. I have been a candidate with Amiqus and a partner in need of hiring, and I can attest to their attention to detail when it comes to selecting candidates and also the aftercare they provide. Communication with them is easy, quick and thorough. In short: Amiqus are simply fantastic to work with.”

Andreas Gschwari, CCO, Modern Wolf Limited

“Amiqus staff presented me with a number of well suited and attractive creative leadership roles. Their approach is professional and well informed with a thorough understanding of the industry and the roles presented, this helps to quickly establish a relationship of trust and confidence.  Based on their reputation and my recent experience with Amiqus I would happily continue to work with their staff in the future. As someone who generally prefers to work directly with developers, Amiqus are one of the few agencies I would choose to work with and feel confident with.”

Jonathan O’Dell  - Candidate