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If people are enjoying a game, the QA got everything right.

We tend to get more jobs for functional testers that localisation testers, but we have new roles coming on all the time. Testing can be a great way into the industry with a great career path and we hire right up to lead and manager levels.

New tech brings new QA so watch out for VR and AR projects too.

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''Confessions of a change junkie'' - Out now - eBook


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One of our close friends from the games industry (Test Director - Chris Ambler, EX - Microsoft, EA) has just released his 1st novel. Please take a look at his book ‘Confessions of a change junkie’ which is now available on Amazon in both Paperback and eBook formats. It is made up of forty 'missives' and is thought provoking in lots of different areas. If you are interested in the development life-cycle, testing, the way people can improve their skills, business, change itself or just an entertaining read, click here to find it. Please do take a look if you are interested in a career in testing or just the industry itself , it is perfect for the beach or upcoming vacations for the summer and such a fun read.


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Leon Loughran


Leon Loughran

Leon Loughran


Leon Loughran