Executive Search

Executive Search methodology

Our step by step methodology manages the assignment through 5 key stages, supported by full Management Information provided throughout, 

  • We conduct extensive research to build a profile of your ideal executive and agree on a handpicked pool of custom-matched executive talent. 

  • We approach and engage executive talent as your trusted representatives,

  • You conduct interviews of selected, interested and highly skilled executives.

  • You make your final selection, and we manage all recruitment and negotiation.

  • You hire an experienced, hand-selected executive, within an agreed timeline.

With a focus on equity, diversity and inclusion, we develop shortlists using methods and tools to ensure we leave no stone unturned, ensuring we attract the very best to every role.

Each approved candidate approach list is retained by the client after the assignment is concluded.

Your search will be managed and completed by one of our Directors.


What are the benefits of Executive Search? 

Senior-level executives have a significant impact on an organisation, so making the right executive appointment is critical. 

Mapping the market

We can provide access to a top network of otherwise inaccessible industry-leading candidates by mapping the market and benchmarking for particular skills/roles and salaries. This can include new geographies for a client or to inform a decision such as where to locate or relocate operations.

Delivering solutions 

We will match talent to the specific needs of your organisation, considering the goals you are trying to accomplish as a business and seeking out people with the right mix of knowledge, skills, and abilities to help you achieve those goals.

It can be easy for organisations to fall into the trap of recruiting people who fit the same profile as their predecessors, but we can help you to find people who will help your business to grow and evolve.

Acting as an extension to the Client as a trusted partner - approaching and sounding out suitable candidates on your behalf, confidentially. 

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