The highly cyclical nature of games development work means that freelancing is an elegant solution for both studios and individuals.

It’s an ideal option for studios who need additional resource – but on a short to medium term; it also suits individuals who are keen to work across a variety of projects and different game styles.


Recruitment but not as you know it.

For Candidates

If you’re an experienced games professional and really know your stuff, Contracting - sometimes known as Freelancing - could be a smart career option for you. If your style is all about getting the job done and doing your part in ensuring projects are delivered without a hitch, contracting is a great way to utilise your expertise when it’s most needed. Financially this model creates a premium price for a short-term assignment and then you’re free to move on to your next challenge. 

If you’ve never contracted before, why not have a chat with one of our specialist consultants? We can offer advice and tell you everything you need to know about setting up the paperwork and getting stuck in.

For Clients

Contract roles are a smart recruitment solution and we can help our clients realise this potential. Our contractors are experienced games professionals and they know their stuff. They can hit the ground running and make an immediate business impact, ensuring projects are delivered without a hitch. 

Contractors are comfortable in an array of different studio environments and come equipped with all the skills and experience needed to smash business goals. With no fixed overheads, creating a flexible workforce to up- and down-scale as the project needs, they’re an excellent solution to myriad business challenges. You can even hire a contractor to temporarily fill roles whilst waiting for key permanent heads. 


Contracting & Freelancing – An elegant solution

Whether you’re an individual looking for your next games contract or a business hoping to fill a gap in your skills base, you’ve come to the right place.

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