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We’re recruitment specialists for the games industry.

Over 21 years we’ve grown into a multi award-winning agency successfully delivering candidates into technical, executive and strategic roles at all levels, locally and internationally.  

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We love what we do and we work super hard at it, delivering the best service we possibly can in partnership with our clients around the world. 

For how to get the best from our service take a look at the guide to Engaging with Amiqus. If you want more of an in depth look at the hiring process it's in the How to Guide below. We have services for every type of hire, you can read about each of those below. 

Get in Touch to talk about your team and your plans, we're here to develop an amazing working relationship. Together. 

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Finding the right approach

You have different hiring needs so we have services to match. 

Whether you're looking for your new CFO, a whole dev team for a new project, maybe it's a couple of short term contract roles that you need help to fill NOW, or one backfill but crucial perm hire for your team, whatever you need, we're here for you, let's talk it through. 

We can help you get the right fit for your needs and set up an agreement to cover everything so you're ready to go.

We have lots of experience at this and we're honest with you about what we believe you'll need to do to secure the candidates you want. 

The hiring models are set out for you below. Of course there are differences between them but there's a robust process that underpins everything we do when we're looking for the best talent for your team. If you want to know more about how that process works, click here.

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How to Get the Best from our Service

In our experience there are a number of features which lead to the most successful outcomes. Want to know what they are? Find out more here. 

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