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Alan Dixon

Talent Tracker
My bio:

If I was stuck on a desert island with one game it would be… Die Hard Trilogy - and the gun of course!!

Recruitment should be… A genuine partnership

If I could go back in time to when I was 18 I would tell myself… “Save money every month, no matter how little! Oh and don’t buy that sports car when you’re 23 you can hardly afford. Oh and be careful about relationships in the workplace, Oh and… hold on this could take a while…”

The best thing about Amiqus is… The ethos. There is a genuine camaraderie and desire for others to succeed, the likes of which I haven’t seen before.

My favourite quote is… “It never gets easier, you just go faster.” ~ Greg LeMond

Senior Producer
  • Location: London (remote)
  • Salary: £50,000-£80,000
  • Permanent
Game Developer
  • Location: Bristol
  • Salary: £60,000 - £80,000
  • Permanent
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