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Putting the G into Gaming

What’s it all about?

It’s well known that Games is a male dominated industry. As a specialist games recruitment agency we take our responsibility for inclusion seriously and want to play our part in accelerating the change to attract more women into the industry.

To work towards this we’re happy to introduce a brand new initiative we’ve called ‘Putting the G into Gaming’.

Speeding Up Change

There are some great enterprises going on across the industry but gender imbalance is still a huge issue and change is super-slow. We wanted to create a campaign with a personality that could really drive forward actionable steps, steps that we can all get behind and make sure that gender balance is at the top of the board agenda in games companies. It’s a mission and we want to provide a platform to enable us to harness the power of the industry in one place.

So here it is, a campaign to accelerate gender diversity in games.

Asking the G in Gaming

We’ve kicked things off by asking women who are working in games about how they got here and what they would like to change. Our next steps will include views from men of course, but we wanted to start with the voices of women. So far the results have been positive and rich with some typically fabulous views and ideas being shared. It’s an exciting start and we’re going to continue to socialise the survey for the next few months so if you are a woman working in the games industry and you would like to complete it the survey, please get in touch here.

Once a deep and wide reach is achieved we’ll pull it together to bring out the most action-led ideas and share this valuable content with the industry.

Join G into Gaming

This is just the start of the journey and we see many events, webinars, networking opportunities, forums and action days coming up ahead. We’d love to keep you up to date with G into Gaming as it gains momentum and ask for your support and involvement toward this goal. To find out more about joining the squad, get in touch here.